Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are an eye-catching advertising tool that doesn't wait to be seen but goes out and proactively markets itself. Wrapping is also brilliant for protecting expensive paintwork from the ravages of bleaching, chips, tree sap & bird lime. It is maintained in its original pristine condition & at renewal time the film can be easily removed, thereby adding further value to your investment. 

PPF is a transparent self-adhesive film specially designed for the protection of vehicle bodies. With its excellent shock-proofing properties it protects vehicle paint against exposure to the elements, damage from stones and insects, scratching, gritter salt, fuel spillage, car wash brushes and pressure washers. Applied to a cars vulnerable areas it will help protect the your car paintwork, at the same time as preserving its potential future resale value.


Paint Protection Film


From a single vehicle to an entire fleet, professionally designed and applied graphics not only raise the profile of your business, they are also one of the most effective forms of advertising. Due to an increase in vehicle advertising and new technology the requirement arose to offer our customers an alternative to single colour flat vinyl graphics.

Vehicle Graphics